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Pacaud Township, Pacaud Township Timiskaming District
Paget, Servos Township Sudbury District
Pagwa, Bicknell Township Cochrane District
Pagwa River, Bicknell Township Cochrane District
Pain Court, Dover Township Kent County
Painkiller Lake, Beatty Township Cochrane District
Painswick, Innisfil Township Simcoe County
Paint Lake, 32-XXVI Township Algoma District
Paint Lake, Ridout Township Muskoka District
Paint Lake, Walters Township Thunder Bay District
Paipoonge Township, Paipoonge Township Thunder Bay District
Paisley, Elderslie Township Bruce County
Paisley Block, Guelph Township Wellington County
Pakenham, Pakenham Township Lanark County
Pakenham Township, Pakenham Township Lanark County
Pakesley, Mowat Township Parry Sound District
Palermo, Trafalgar Township Halton County
Palgrave, Albion Township Peel County
Palm Beach, Oro Township Simcoe County
Palmer Rapids, Raglan Township Renfrew County
Palmer Township, Palmer Township Algoma District
Palmerston, Minto Township & Wallace Township Wellington County & Perth County
Palmerston Township, Palmerston Township Frontenac County
Palmquist, McMillan Township Cochrane District
Palmyra, Orford Township Kent County
Palomar, Keith Township Sudbury District
Pana, Russell Township Russell County
Panet Township, Panet Township Sudbury District
Pangis, 25-XIII Algoma District
Papineau Lake, Wicklow Township & Bangor Township Hastings County
Papineau-Cameron Township, Papineau-Cameron Township Nipissing District
Paquette, Colchester North Township Essex County
Paquette Corners, Colchester North Township Essex County
Paradise Beach, North Gwillimbury Township York County
Paradise Point, Tay Township Simcoe County
Pardee, Pardee Township Thunder Bay District
Pardee, Strathearn Township Sudbury District
Pardee, Sombra Township Lambton County
Pardee Township, Pardee Township Thunder Bay District
Pardo Township, Pardo Township Nipissing District
Pardoville, Raleigh Township Kent County
Parent Township, Parent Township Thunder Bay District
Parham, Hinchinbrooke Township Frontenac County
Parham Station, Hinchinbrooke Township Frontenac County
Paris, South Dumfries Township Brant County
Paris Junction, South Dumfries Township Brant County
Paris Station, South Dumfries Township Brant County
Park Haven, Blandford Township Oxford County
Park Head, Amabel Township Bruce County
Parkdale, East York Township York County
Parke Township, Parke Township Algoma District
Parker, Peel Township Wellington County
Parker Township, Parker Township Sudbury District
Parkers Corners, South Plantagenet Township Prescott County
Parkersville, Stephenson Township Muskoka District
Parkhill, West Williams Township Middlesex County
Parkin Township, Parkin Township Sudbury District
Parkinson, Parkinson Township Algoma District
Parkinson Township, Parkinson Township Algoma District
Parkman Township, Parkman Township Nipissing District
Parkside Beach, Oro Township Simcoe County
Parkway, Waterloo Township Waterloo County
Parliament Township, Parliament Township Cochrane District
Parma, South Fredericksburgh Township Lennox & Addington County
Parmacheene, Booth Township Thunder Bay District
Parnell Township, Parnell Township Cochrane District
Parr Township, Parr Township Cochrane District
Parrott Township, Parrott Township Algoma District
Parry Harbor, Muskoka & Parry Sound
Parry Island, Cowper Township Parry Sound District
Parry Island First Nation, Parry Sound District
Parry Sound, McDougall Township Parry Sound District
Parry Sound District, Ontario (Province of)
Parry Sound Harbour, Parry Sound District
Parry Township, Parry Township Thunder Bay District
Parthia, Eilber Township Cochrane District
Pasadina, East Nissouri Township Oxford County
Paska, Kowkash Township Thunder Bay District
Paska Creek, Thunder Bay District
Paska Lake, Paska Township Thunder Bay District
Paska Township, Paska Township Thunder Bay District
Pastime, Bromley Township Renfrew County
Patenaude Township, Patenaude Township Sudbury District
Patience Township, Patience Township Thunder Bay District
Patricia Region, Kenora District
Patrick Point, Dunwich Township Elgin County
Patrick Township, Patrick Township Thunder Bay District
Pattemores Corner, Rear of Yonge and Escott Township Leeds & Grenville United Counties
Patterson, Vaughan Township York County
Patterson Township, Patterson Township Parry Sound District
Patterson's Corners, Admaston Township Renfrew County
Pattersons Corners, Oxford-on-Rideau Township Grenville County
Pattinson Township, Pattinson Township Sudbury District
Patton, Patton Township Algoma District
Patton Township, Patton Township Algoma District
Pattullo Township, Pattullo Township Rainy River District
Paudash, Cardiff Township Haliburton County
Paudash Lake, Cardiff Township Haliburton County
Paudash Township, Paudash Township Sudbury District
Paugh Lake, Sherwood Township Renfrew County
Paul Township, Paul Township Sudbury District
Pawis Township, Pawis Township Algoma District
Pawitik, Willingdon Township Kenora District
Paxton Township, Paxton Township Nipissing District
Payne, Moore Township Lambton County
Payne, Admaston Township Renfrew County
Paynes, Southwold Township Elgin County
Paynes Mills, Southwold Township Elgin County
Pays Plat, Killraine Township Thunder Bay District
Pays Plat First Nation, Thunder Bay District

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