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Place, Historic Location

Peabody, Sullivan Township Bruce County
Peach Island, Essex County
Peacock Point, Walpole Township Haldimand County
Pearce Township, Pearce Township Cochrane District
Pearceley, Chapman Township Parry Sound District
Pearkes Township, Pearkes Township Algoma District
Pearl Lake, Brant Township Bruce County
Pearson, Casey Township Timiskaming District
Pearson Township, Pearson Township Thunder Bay District
Peawanuck Settlement, Kenora District
Peck Township, Peck Township Nipissing District
Pedley Township, Pedley Township Nipissing District
Peebles Corners, Dereham Township or West Oxford Township Oxford County
Peekaboo Point, Tiny Township Simcoe County
Peel County, Ontario (Province of)
Peel Region, Peel County
Peel Township, Peel Township Wellington County
Peepabun, East Luther Township Dufferin County
Peever Township, Peever Township Algoma District
Pefferlaw, Georgina Township York County
Peffers, Mornington Township Perth County
Pelee Island, Pelee Township Essex County
Pelee Island South, Pelee Township Essex County
Pelee Point, Mersea Township Essex County
Pelee Township, Pelee Township Essex County
Pelham, Pelham Township Welland County
Pelham Centre, Pelham Township Welland County
Pelham Corners, Pelham Township Welland County
Pelham Township, Pelham Township Welland County
Pelham Union, Pelham Township Welland County
Pelican, Drayton Township Kenora District
Pelican Township, Pelican Township Kenora District
Pellatt Township, Pellatt Township Kenora District
Pelletier Township, Pelletier Township Algoma District
Pelton, Sandwich South Township Essex County
Peltons Corners, South Gower Township Leeds & Grenville United Counties
Pembroke, Pembroke Township Renfrew County
Pembroke Junction, Pembroke Township Renfrew County
Pembroke Township, Pembroke Township Renfrew County
Pencil Lake, Cavendish Township Peterborough County
Pendleton, South Plantagenet Township & North Plantagenet Township Prescott and Russell United Counties
Pendleton Station, North Plantagenet Township Prescott County
Penetang, Tiny Township & Tay Township Simcoe County
Penetangore, Kincardine Township Bruce County
Penetanguishene, Tiny Township & Tay Township Simcoe County
Penetanguishene Bay, Tiny Township Simcoe County
Pengelly Landing, South Monaghan Township Peterborough County
Penhall, Stoddart Township Cochrane District
Penhorwood Township, Penhorwood Township Sudbury District
Penhurst, Farquhar Township Algoma District
Peninsular Park, Innisfil Township Simcoe County
Pennefather Township, Pennefather Township Algoma District
Penryn, Cramahe Township Northumberland County
Pense Township, Pense Township Timiskaming District
Pentland Corners, Pilkington Township Wellington County
Pentland Township, Pentland Township Nipissing District
Penville, Tecumseth Township Simcoe County
Perch, Sarnia Township Lambton County
Perch Creek, Sarnia Township Lambton County
Perches Aux Riviere, Sarnia Township Lambton County
Percy Boom, Seymour Township Northumberland County
Percy Mills, Percy Township Northumberland County
Percy Township, Percy Township Northumberland County
Perivale, Campbell Township Manitoulin District
Perkinsfield, Tiny Township Simcoe County
Perm, Mulmur Township Dufferin County
Perrault, Grattan Township Renfrew County
Perretton, Westmeath Township Renfrew County
Perrins Corners, Augusta Township Grenville County
Perry, Wainfleet Township Welland County
Perry, 28-XXII Algoma District
Perry Mine, Huntingdon Township Hastings County
Perry Township, Perry Township Parry Sound District
Perry's Corners, Whitby Township Ontario County
Perrys Corners, Blenheim Township Oxford County
Perrys Lane, East Zorra Township Oxford County
Perrytown, Hope Township Northumberland County
Perth, Drummond Township Lanark County
Perth County, Ontario (Province of)
Perth East Township, Perth East Township Perth County
Perth North, Perth County
Perth Road, Loughborough Township Frontenac County
Perth South, Perth County
Perth South Township, Perth South Township Perth County
Peru, Esquesing Township Halton County
Petaguishene Beach, Tiny Township Simcoe County
Petawawa, Petawawa Township Renfrew County
Petawawa, Petawawa Township Renfrew County
Petawawa Point, Petawawa Township Renfrew County
Petawawa Township, Petawawa Township Renfrew County
Peterbell, Coderre Township Algoma District
Peterborough, North Monaghan Township Peterborough County
Peterborough County, Ontario (Province of)
Peterborough East, Peterborough County
Peterborough North, Peterborough County
Peterborough West, Peterborough County
Peters Corners, Beverly Township Wentworth County
Peters Township, Peters Township Sudbury District
Petersburg, Wilmot Township Waterloo County
Petersburgh, Humberstone Township Welland County
Peterson, Rawdon Township Hastings County
Peterson Corner, Minden Township Haliburton County
Peterson Township, Peterson Township Algoma District
Petersville, London Township Middlesex County
Pethericks Corners, Seymour Township Northumberland County
Petherton, Arthur Township Wellington County
Petherwicks Corners, Seymour Township Northumberland County
Petit Allumet Island,
Petit Riviere, Sandwich Township Essex County
Petite Nation River, Mountain Township Dundas County
Petrolia, Enniskillen Township Lambton County
Petticoat Creek, Pickering Township Ontario County
Petticoat Point, South Marysburgh Township Prince Edward County
Pettypiece Township, Pettypiece Township Kenora District
Petworth, Camden Township Lennox & Addington County
Pevensey, Strong Township Parry Sound District

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