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St Agatha, Wilmot Township Waterloo County
St Albans, East & West Gwillimbury Townships York County
St Albert,
St Andrews, East Nissouri Township & Oxford Township Oxford County
St Andrews, Cornwall Township Stormont County
St Andrews West, Cornwall Township Stormont County
St Anne Island, Lambton County
St Anns, Gainsborough Township Lincoln County
St Augustine, West Wawanosh Township Huron County
St Barbara(s),
St Bernadin, Caledonia Township Prescott County
St Catharines, Grantham Township Lincoln County
St Charles, Casimir Township & Dunnet Township Sudbury District
St Charles, Cormier Township Nipissing District
St Christopher, Cartwright Township Durham County
St Clair, York Township York County
St Clair, Southwold Township Elgin County
St Clair Beach, Maidstone Township Essex County
St Clair River,
St Clair Township, St Clair Township Lambton County
St Clar,
St Clements, Wellesley Township Waterloo County
St Cloud, Cleland Township Sudbury District
St Columban, McKillop Township & Hibbert Township Huron County & Perth County
St Davids, Niagara Township Lincoln County
St Davids, East Hawkesbury Township Prescott County
St Edmunds Township, St Edmunds Township Bruce County
St Edwards,
St Elmo, Kenyon Township Glengarry County
St Eugene,
St Felix, Clarence Township Russell County
St George, South Dumfries Township Brant County
St Germain Township, St Germain Township Algoma District
St Helena Island, Leeds & Grenville United Counties
St Helens, West Wawanosh Township Huron County
St Ignace, Tay Township Simcoe County
St Isidore de Prescott, South Plantagenet Township & Caledonia Township Prescott County
St Ives, West Nissouri Township Middlesex County
St Jacobs, Woolwich Township Waterloo County
St Joachim, Rochester Township Essex County
St Joachim Station, Rochester Township Essex County
St John, Tay Township Simcoe County
St John Island, Sudbury District
St John Township, St John Township Cochrane District
St Johns, Tuscarora Township Brant County
St Johns, Thorold Township Welland County
St Johns, London Township Middlesex County
St Johns West, Thorold Township Welland County
St Joseph, Hay Township Huron County
St Joseph, Tay Township Simcoe County
St Joseph d'Orleans, Gloucester Township Carleton County
St Joseph Island, Algoma District
St Joseph River, Muskoka District
St Joseph Township, St Joseph Township Algoma District
St Julian Township, St Julian Township Algoma District
St Laurent Township, St Laurent Township Cochrane District
St Lawrence, Wolfe Island Township Frontenac County
St Lawrence Island, Leeds & Frontenac Counties
St Lawrence Islands,
St Lawrence River,
St Lawrence Woods, Pittsburgh Township Frontenac County
St Louis, Tay Township Simcoe County
St Louis Township, St Louis Township Sudbury District
St Marie, Tay Township Simcoe County
St Marys, Blanshard Township Perth County
St Marys Junction, Blanshard Township Perth County
St Marys River, Jocelyn Township Algoma District
St Michel, Tay Township Simcoe County
St Ola, Limerick Township Hastings County
St Ola Station, Limerick Township Hastings County
St Pascal, Clarence Township Prescott and Russell United Counties
St Pascal Baylon, Clarence Township Prescott and Russell United Counties
St Patrick,
St Pauls, Innisfil Township Simcoe County
St Pauls Station, Downie Township Perth County
St Raphaels, Charlottenburgh Township Glengarry County
St Regis Indian Reservation,
St Thomas, Yarmouth Township Elgin County
St Thomas Waterworks Res., Yarmouth Township Elgin County
St Vincent Township, St Vincent Township Grey County
St Williams, Delhi Township Norfolk County
St-Albert, Cambridge Township Russell County
St-Amour, Caledonia Township Prescott County
St-Eugene, East Hawkesbury Township Prescott and Russell United Counties
St-Eugène, East Hawkesbury Township Prescott County
St-Pascal, Clarence Township Russell County
St-Thomas d'Alfred, Alfred Prescott Prescott County
Stackpool, Wigle Township Sudbury District
Staffa, Hibbert Township Perth County
Stafford, Stafford Township Renfrew County
Stafford, Petawawa Township Renfrew County
Stafford & Pembroke Township, Stafford & Pembroke Township Renfrew County
Stafford Township, Stafford Township Renfrew County
Stag Island, Lambton County
Stalin Township, Stalin Township Sudbury District
Stamford, Stamford Township Welland County
Stamford Township, Stamford Township Welland County
Stampville, Matilda Township Dundas County
Stan Welcome, Vernonville Township Northumberland County
Stanhope Township, Stanhope Township Haliburton County
Stanley, Paipoonge Township Thunder Bay District
Stanley House, Humphrey TOwnship Parry Sound District
Stanley Mills, Chinguacousy Township & Toronto Gore Township Peel County
Stanley Township, Stanley Township Huron County
Stanleyville, North Burgess Township Lanark County
Stanton, Mulmur Township Dufferin County
Stanwood, Seymour Township Northumberland County
Stapells Township, Stapells Township Cochrane District
Staples, Mersea Township & Tilbury West Township Essex County
Staples Township, Staples Township Cochrane District
Star, Caledon Township Peel County
Star Corners, Portland Township Frontenac County
Stardale, East Hawkesbury Township Prescott County
Starkville, Clarke Township Durham County
Starr's Beach, Mariposa Township Victoria County
Starrat, Ryerson Township Parry Sound District
Starratt-Olsen, Baird Township Patricia Region, Kenora District
Staunton, Chevrier Township Thunder Bay District
Staunton Township, Staunton Township Cochrane District
Stavert, Way Township Cochrane District
Stayner, Nottawasaga Township Simcoe County
Ste Marie Among The Hurons, Tay Township Simcoe County
Ste Marie du Sault, Algoma District
Ste-Anne-de-Prescott, East Hawkesbury Township Prescott County
Ste-Rose-de-Prescott, South Plantagenet Township Prescott County
Stedman Township, Stedman Township Thunder Bay District
Steel, Township 81 Thunder Bay District
Steele Township, Steele Township Cochrane District
Steelton, Algoma District
Steenburg, Limerick Township Hastings County
Steenburg Lake, Limerick Township Hastings County
Steep Rock Lake, Freeborn Township Rainy River District
Stefansson Township, Stefansson Township Algoma District
Stella, Amherst Island Township Lennox & Addington County
Stephen Township, Stephen Township Huron County
Stephens Gulch, Darlington Township Durham County
Stephenson Township, Stephenson Township Muskoka District
Stepney, West Hawkesbury Township Prescott County
Stepstone, Gorham Township Thunder Bay District
Sterling Falls,
Stetham Township, Stetham Township Sudbury District
Stevenson, Romney Township Kent County
Stevensville, Bertie Township Welland County
Stewart, Tilbury East Township Kent County
Stewart Hall, Otonabee Township Peterborough County
Stewart Heights, Smith Township Peterborough County
Stewart Township, Stewart Township Nipissing District
Stewarts Glen, Kenyon Township Glengarry County
Stewarttown, Esquesing Township Halton County
Stewartville, McNab Township Renfrew County
Still River, Henvey Township Parry Sound District
Still River, Wallbridge Township Parry Sound District
Stimson, Stimson Township Cochrane District
Stimson Diamond, Stimson Township Cochrane District
Stimson Township, Stimson Township Cochrane District
Stirling, Rawdon Township Hastings County
Stirling, Yarmouth Township Elgin County
Stirling Falls, Strong Township Parry Sound District
Stirling Township, Stirling Township Thunder Bay District
Stirling-Rawdon Township, Stirling-Rawdon Township Hastings County
Stirton, Maryborough Township Wellington County
Stisted Township, Stisted Township Muskoka District
Stittsville, Goulbourn Township Carleton County
Stobie Township, Stobie Township Sudbury District
Stock Township, Stock Township Cochrane District
Stockdale, Murray Township Northumberland County
Stoco, Hungerford Township Hastings County
Stoddart Township, Stoddart Township Cochrane District
Stokes Bay, Eastnor Township Bruce County
Stokes Township, Stokes Township Kenora District
Stone Mills, North Marysburgh Township Prince Edward County
Stone Mills Township, Stone Mills Township Lennox & Addington County
Stone Township, Stone Township Algoma District
Stonebridge, Humberstone Township Welland County
Stonebrook, Stafford Township Renfrew County
Stonecliffe, Head Township Renfrew County
Stoneridge, Tuscarora Township Brant County
Stones Corners, Augusta Township Leeds & Grenville United Counties
Stoney Creek, Saltfleet Township Wentworth County
Stoney Island, Kincardine Township Bruce County
Stoney Point, Tilbury North Township Essex County
Stoney Point, Innisfil Township Simcoe County
Stoney Township, Stoney Township Algoma District
Stony Lake, Burleigh & Dummer Townships Peterborough County
Stony Point, Bosanquet Township Lambton County
Stonyridge, Burleigh Township Peterborough County
Stonywood, West Luther Township Wellington County
Storie, Nipissing Township Parry Sound District
Stormont, Osnabruck Township Stormont County
Stormont County, Ontario (Province of)
Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry, Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Counties
Storms Corners, Ernestown Township Lennox & Addington County
Storrington Township, Storrington Township Frontenac County
Story, Kitley Township & South Elmsley Township Leeds County
Stouffersville, Markham Township York County
Stoufferville, Whitchurch Township York County
Stouffville, Whitchurch Township York County
Stoughton Township, Stoughton Township Cochrane District
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