Isaac Gilbert Book Update Project

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Are you a descendant of Isaac Gilbert and his wife Mary Rowland?
If so, you've come to the right place!
If you are not sure if you descend from Isaac & Mary, PLEASE visit Rootsweb's WorldConnect project and search our gedcom to see if you're related.
Welcome to the Isaac Gilbert Book Update Project website.

As you can see from the new ‘Current Project Status’ (on the right menu) the project is still in ‘Compilation’. Submissions, updates and information are still being sought. You can learn more about how you can help by using the menu to the right.

Many have e-mailed to ask if the book is ready or what the current status is. This website will have that information, so when in doubt just pay it a visit. When things change the website will be updated. When the book becomes available it will be displayed prominently on this site, and those who signed up for the the waiting list will be notified. So don’t worry that you’ll miss out.

I've moved all the updates over to a blog where I will post any updates regarding the progress of the project. I’ll update whenever possible but keep in mind the less I update the blog the more time I’m spending on the book!

The Gilbert Book is:
The book is still being compiled
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  • Who Is Isaac?
  • I Want The Book!
  • Update Your Branch
  • Headstones In Disrepair
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    Am I in the book?
    If you were born after 1980 you are likely not yet in the book.

    When will the book be complete?
    This decade… I hope! :>

    How can I get a copy?
    Once the book is complete full details about purchase information will be available on this website.

    What will be in the book? Names, dates, places – more if you help by contributing!

    More questions, click here

    Your Permission Needed!
    Due to privacy concerns (such as identity theft) information about living persons (that means you! lol) will not be included in the book without prior written consent. If you want your name and information included (and that of the rest of your family) please SIGN & MAIL (by post, not e-mail) the permission form by 31 Jan 2020. Permission forms are available on the Update Your Branch page.

    For those turning 18 on or before 31 Jan 2020, please wait until your 18th birthday before signing & mailing your consent. For those under 18 permission may be granted by a parent or legal guardian.

    To be 100% clear - if permission is not received your name will NOT be in the book, even if your name has been published elsewhere!

    How Do You Want To Be Remembered? Most family genealogies are lists of names and dates with no real indication of who each person was. How do you want to be remembered by future generations reading this book?

    Do you want to be the stick figure to the left where only your name is known? Or do you want to be the lively person to the right who just jumps off the page?

    Help this book be more than just a listing of names, dates and places. Include a blurb about yourself, your parents, grandparents, children, siblings - WHO are you? WHAT do you like to do (job, hobbies)? WHAT are you proud that you’ve accomplished?

    Submit your blurbs here