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Frequently Asked Questions

When will the book be complete?

    This decade... Other than that I donít have a date set.

Why is it taking so long?

    My personal goal since beginning this project was to do it right, this is not something that can nor should be rushed. Quality takes time and I'm sure everyone wants a book they can be proud to be a part of.

    There's also the logistics of the project. Isaac Gilbert was born over 260 years ago, he had 13 children and 83 grandchildren. Including his wife thatís 98 people in just three generations! Considering that there are now more than 12 generations involved weíre talking about A LOT of people. Each person's birth, marriage and death needs to be checked, new information needs to be added (there are an estimated several thousand more descendants that have not yet been Ďfoundí)Ö itís a long process that takes time.

Is there an end in sight?

    That depends... how far can you see? I've been getting a lot of grief about when the book will be complete, seems you lot are chomping at the bit to get your hands on it. The short answer is that yes, there is an end in sight. But no, I haven't yet set a date. So until further notice - The book is in compilation mode, all submissions are welcomed and I will update this website with a date when one is set.

How can I get a copy of the book?

    Those interested in a copy of the book can sign up for the notification list. Once the book is complete you will get an e-mail or letter and full details about purchase information will be available on this website. If youíre seeking Harrietís book, itís no longer in print and you will have to seek out second hand resources (Abe Books and eBay are two choices).

If I'm on the book notification list do I have to buy the book?

    No, it just means you want to be notified when it's ready to purchase.

What will be in the book?

    As much as I can fit! If youíre asking about the scope of the project, both Isaac & Mary's ancestry will be briefly outlined but it has not yet been decided if more information about their ancestry will be included. It's dependent upon information available as the publication deadline approaches and if there will be room in the book for its inclusion.

    As the focus of the book is their descendants the majority of research will focus on that. Any information about their ancestry is welcome and whatever can be included will be included.

    It also depends on what is found with research and what is submitted. There are things that can only be included if they are submitted Ė stories about yourself or other family members, photographs, information about births, marriages, deaths that have taken place the past few years. If you're a descendant or related to a descendant please take a moment to see if you can help with this massive project.

Am I in the book?