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What Is This Project?

This project is an effort to update the 1981 publication Isaac Gilbert: United Empire Loyalist, 1742-1822 written by Harriet Walker. This book was published in 1981 and when I "discovered" this wonderful compilation in 1990 I was immediately enthralled and awed at the work that had gone into it.

A few years later I had the pleasure of meeting Harriet's daughter Winnie. During our conversation we came up with the idea of an update to her mother's 1981 publication. Winnie granted permission to use her mother's information and this book update project was born.

With this update it is hoped that the book will cover all descendants of Isaac Gilbert and wife Mary Rowland up to present day. It will encompass Harriet Walker's 1981 publication as well as all the new additions. As you can imagine this is a huge undertaking that will produce a rather large publication.

This is why help is desperately needed. Over the next few years all lines must be updated to present day. If you descend from Isaac & Mary please contact the project and see if your line needs updating (if any births, marriages or deaths have happened in your family since 1981 it's quite likely your line does need updating!). Any help you can give is greatly appreciated.

If you are not sure if you descend from Isaac & Mary, PLEASE visit Rootsweb's WorldConnect project and search our gedcom to see if you're related.

The original Gilbert book "Isaac Gilbert: United Empire Loyalist by Harriet Walker" is out of print and unavailable for purchase. Sorry but I do not know where you might obtain a copy.

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Project Co-Ordinator -- Sherri Pettit
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