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Update Your Branch of the Gilbert Family Tree

Due to privacy concerns (such as identity theft) information about living persons will not be included in the book without prior written consent. If you want your name and information included (and that of the rest of your family) please SIGN & MAIL (by post, not e-mail) the permission form by 31 Jan 2010.

For those turning 18 on or before 31 Jan 2010, please wait until your 18th birthday before signing & mailing your consent. For those under 18 permission may be granted by a parent or legal guardian.

Once you have the form filled out for your family, send me a message and I'll provide a mailing address.

Permission Forms (Just print it out, fill it out and send it in):

  • Family Group Sheet (up to 5 children)
  • Family Group Sheet (if you have more than 5 children use both of these forms)
  • All About Me - want to include more about yourself in the book than a name & date?
  • PDF version of all three forms
  • How Do You Want To Be Remembered? Most family genealogies are lists of names and dates with no real indication of who each person was. How do you want to be remembered by future generations reading this book?

    Do you want to be the stick figure to the left where only your name is known? Or do you want to be the lively person to the right who just jumps off the page?

    Help this book be more than just a listing of names, dates and places. Include a blurb about yourself, your parents, grandparents, children, siblings - WHO are you? WHAT do you like to do (job, hobbies)? WHAT are you proud that you’ve accomplished?

    Submit your blurbs here
    Please Take A Moment and Update Your Branch of the Gilbert Family Tree
    Even if you just update the information about yourself, your spouse and your children it would be an incredible help.

    Update information on your family

  • Full names (first, middle, last & maiden)
  • Birth, Marriage & Death dates (day, month & year) *PLEASE write out the month - example: 1 Nov 2002 so it's not confused (ie, 1/11/02 could be taken as "11 Jan 1902")
  • Birth, Marriage & Death Places (city, county if possible, province/state, country)

    If you would like to submit family information for the book but are unsure of what we already have on your family - don't worry about duplicating information, that's my job :) Just send what you want included and I'll take care of the rest. (If there have been any changes to your family since the 1970's it's safe to assume that this information has not yet been submitted).

    Corrections to Harriet Walker's Isaac Gilbert book
    If you know of an error in the book and would like it corrected, send in the page # of the error as well as the correction.

    Family Stories

  • Share your memories of a late loved one;
  • Write a blurb or biography about yourself (example: "I'm a nurse and love to crochet sweaters for my grandchildren");
  • Send along a newspaper article about a family member (please let me know the name of the newspaper and date of publication)

    Family Stories need not be long. A few words, or a few lines will go far in preserving the personality of whomever it is written about. Help make this book more than a listing of names, dates and places! By sharing family stories you are ensuring that future generations will know more about you than your name.

    Photographs (COPIES only please - NO originals!)

  • Any photograph of any Gilbert relation is appreciated but at this time I am only requesting 'older' photographs. Those that include family relations that are no longer with us. Closer to the publication of this book, I will request photographs of living relations (it may be a few years so it's best to wait and send in a recent photograph then!). Send as many 'older' photographs as you'd like. As long as they include a member of the Gilbert family (including those that married into the family) they are welcome. They may not all be used (due to space considerations), but they will all be carefully considered.
  • You are also welcome to submit photos of ancestral homes, final resting places or other such photographic memorabilia.

    Miscellaneous Memorabilia

  • Wills, Land Grants or Deeds, Maps, Pictures of Gilbert-related buildings (homes, businesses). If you can think of anything else, just let me know.

    1) If it interests you, it may interest other Gilbert relations
    2) If it may interest future Gilbert generations, submit it!
    When in doubt, submit it anyway. You never know how interesting another relation may find what you send.

    How To Make a Submission:

  • Copies only please. DO NOT send originals. There are no guarantees what you send will reach me in the condition that they left you, if they reach me at all. The only way to guarantee the safety of any family heirloom is to hold onto the original and only send copies.
  • Photograph Submissions - Please be sure to write down exactly who is who in each photograph you send. And if known, please include the date and/or place that the photograph was taken. Feel free to include a description or story about the photograph.
  • Deadline for Submissions: There isn't one at this time!

    If you have any questions or concerns about the information being requested, send me a letter or e-mail and we can discuss them.

    Send Submissions To:
    (file attachments accepted in text format, MS Word versions 2.0 - 7, pdf; pictures in .tif, .bmp, .jpg or .gif format)

    If you would prefer to send a letter via post ("snail mail") fill out the form below to request a mailing address

    Your name:
    E-mail address:

    Your Message: