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Welcome to Surnames of Ontario! If you're looking to advertise your Ontario surname interests, you're in the right place! (sorry, but we do not accept surnames for places outside of Ontario, Canada)

This site was launched in mid-1997 as part of the OntarioGenWeb Project. As everyone knows, you don't always have a query in genealogy research. Sometimes you just want to make any and every connection possible. Surnames of Ontario was designed to help bring together researchers interested in the same surname. Thanks to Ontario researchers worldwide, this site has been a wonderful success.

What this site is:
* A listing of Ontario surnames being researched by genealogists around the world
* A place to find those interested in the same Ontario surnames as yourself

What this site is NOT:
* A query service
* A research service
* A surname listing for surnames outside of Ontario, Canada

Researchers listed on this site are not volunteers handing out information about a particular surname. They are genealogists just like you hoping to make a connection with a long-lost cousin or someone who knows something about their surname interest. Don't expect a miracle, but don't be surprised if you get one :)

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Search Tips:
Our search feature does exact searches only. If you type in 'Smith' it will give you only 'Smith' - it will not give you 'Smyth'. If you do not find a match using this search feature, please consider browsing our surname listings.

  • Try alternate spellings!
  • Try similar sounding surnames, use the Soundex Converter to give you a listing of some similar surnames
  • Browse instead of search

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    THANK YOU to David Brener for updating all new surname listings, and to Grace Jewell, Allan Wands, Brian Auty, Philip Gross, Judi McNairn, Dot Stutter, and James Taylor who did the grunt work of keeping Surnames of Ontario up and running from 1998-2001. Your hard work is greatly appreciated! since 18 Jan 2001

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