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Have you discovered that an e-mail address posted on this site does not work?

Before reporting an invalid listing, please be sure of the following

  • It's not yours. If you need to change your address from old to new, please click here. DO NOT fill out the form below!

  • You gave the researcher ample time to respond (4-6 weeks - don't forget that there are things more important than genealogy! Vacations, business trips, illness, family crises, computer crashes, etc may result in delayed reply times)

  • You tried more than once (if a first message does not elicit a response, wait 2-3 weeks and try again. And be sure to check this website again to see if their address has been changed since your first try)

  • Your return e-mail address is correct (check your e-mail program options and verify your outgoing and 'reply-to' e-mail addresses - if your reply address is incorrect, their reply would not reach you)

  • Your e-mail mailbox was not / does not get full (if your mailbox is full, mail gets returned to sender)

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Note that we do NOT have the ability to find out a new address for you, just keep checking this site in case a new listing is submitted with their new address.

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