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Place Name Legend
What do the fields represented on a place name page mean?

Place Name*     (Type of Place**)

    *Place Name: The current or last known name of a place

    **Type of Place: What kind of place this is. A City, Town, Village, Land Formation, etc. If it's unknown what type of place you will see ( ). For a listing of the types of places represented on the Ontario Locator please the Locator Dictionary

    Status of Place Name.

  • "Currently Exists" (place can be found on a current map, or is still an officially recognized place name)
  • "No Longer Exists" (perhaps known by another name or completely extinct)
  • "Misplaced" (existence or location cannot be confirmed)
  • "Mis-Spelled" (a query submitted that was mis-spelled)
  • "Not-Ontario" (a query submitted that was found to be located outside Ontario)

Other Names (also known as): Other Names this place may be currently known as

Former Name(s): Names this place used to have (ie: Ottawa used to be called Bytown)

Geographic / Historic Location: Where this place was geographically or historically located.

Municipal Location: The municipality this place is part of.

Other Location: A more specific location such as "4 miles from"

Former Locations: Where this place was formerly located if a township, county, district or municipality boundary changed. (ie: All places currently in Leeds and Grenville United Counties were formerly either in Leeds County or Grenville County)

A brief history of this place if available

Other information about this place that may be useful

Source of Information: Where any of the information used to compile the data on this place originated. This is a new field and blank for most place names.

Link: Link to the official website for this place if available

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