May 1996 Newsletter

- Romaine Van Norman House built c1842 in Normandale, Ontario
- Van Norman variant spellings
- Profiles of Joseph & Elizabeth (Wybern) Van Norman originally of PA, and Dirk Jansz Van Arnhem of the Netherlands

May 1997 Newsletter

- Lineage Societies
- Van Norman Queries
- Who Is This? An unidentified photograph 
- 1996 Membership List

May 1998 Newsletter

- Cake Eater: reprint of a news article detailing a court case won by Col. John Van Arman
- Theories: One in the same?
- Strays
- Research Updates on the Illinois Van Arnams, and the Jacob Vanorman and Richard Van Arnam families
- Van Norman Queries

Nov 1996 Newsletter

- A New York Van Norman Mystery of the 1840's by Russel W. Van Norman
- The Elusive Ancestor (a poem)
- Van Norman Queries
- An unidentified photograph
- Profiles of Abraham & Phoebe (York) Van Orman of OH and Engelbert Van Namen of Belgium

Nov 1997 Newsletter

- Van Norman Queries
- Theories: about the families of Jacob Van Arnam and Van Rensaaeler Van Norman
- Theories: One in the same?
- Vermont Search Update

Nov 1998 Newsletter

- Who's Behind The Scenes?
- Van Norman Strays
- VNFA Database Update
- Van Norman Queries

May 1999 Newsletter

- VNFA Database Update
- Queries
- Mailing List & GenConnect Boards
- Hatches, Matches, Dispatches {Births, Marriages, Deaths}
- A few words from Shirley Mack 

Feb 2000 Newsletter

- VNFA Changes
- Queries
- Hatches, Matches, Dispatches
- Captain Abraham Van Aernam's Company
- Descendants of Johannes de la Montagne 

May 2001 Newsletter

- Hatches, Matches, Dispatches
- Queries
- Our Family by Barb Van Norman
- Indiana News Clippings - Rev. J.S. Van Orman
- Obituary - VAN ARNAM, Frank J
- VNFA Website & Database
- Van Norman Places

Sep 1999 Newsletter

- John Van Arnam Family
- Golden Wedding Anniversary of AKM "Mac" Van Norman & Jane Shortt
- Peter Van Norman, Pioneer of Moville IA
- Lillie (Cook) Van Norman Hayes
- Hatches, Matches, Dispatches
- Queries
- Court Minutes of New Amsterdam
- Sarah VanNorman of Normandale
- Internet Research 

Sep 2000 Newsletter

- Hatches, Matches, Dispatches
- VNFA Reunion?
- Queries
- William Van Orman Tombstone
- Obituaries - Verda Van Orman Smith, Thelma VanOrman
- An Old Pioneer: John Washington Crooker
- Joseph Van Norman with his brothers widows
- Help Jim 

Sep 2001 Newsletter

- Newsletter Discontinued
- Hatches, Matches, Dispatches
- Queries
- Obituaries - Lorenzo Eldon Speirs, Ernest D. VanOrman
- Orphans School - the family of William
- Dennis Van Ornam and Eliza J. Corbin
- Notices
- Sallie McLain's Diary 

The Van Norman Genealogy: Descendants of Joseph and Elizabeth (Wybern) Van Norman, 1762-1996, Volume 1

Published in 1996, this 303 page genealogy detailed the descendants of Joseph Van Norman and his wife Elizabeth Wybern from 1762 to 1996.

The book is no longer available for purchase but can be borrowed from some libraries.

The Van Norman Genealogy: Descendants of Joseph and Elizabeth (Wybern) Van Norman, 1762-????, Volume 2

An update of the 1996 genealogy is in the works! A release date has not yet been set. Watch this space for updates.

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