Ontario's Newspapers

Newspapers are a fantastic resource for genealogists. Not only do they paint a picture of society but they also provide genealogical information that may not have been included in official records.

Birth, marriage, and death announcements are most commonly used, but social pages can also be a wealth of information. They were often used to gossip or brag about daily events that wouldn't otherwise be "news". Like, so-and-so's uncle is visiting from another city, or that a local resident is celebrating a birthday or accomplishment and who their guests were.

Classified pages were also used to reconnect with family that had lost touch. Many early newspapers carried information wanted ads where friends and relatives would ask after someone with whom they had lost contact. The ads would include the name of the person being sought, when and where they were last known to be, and who placed the ad.

Location a newspaper is dependent upon several factors. In the past newspaper publishers were not required to keep copies and unfortunately that means most newspapers of yesteryear are forever lost. However, some newspapers either kept copies or donated copies to facilities that have preserved them. The difficulty lies in finding out where the newspaper you are seeking may, or may not, be.

Library & Archives Canada receives copies of all Canadian newspapers produced after 1 Jan 1988 that published more than three copies.

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