Ontario Queries

Before posting a query, know where you're posting! Some query pages only allow certain queries. Read the instructions FIRST, then post your query if it fits the topic of the board. There is a board for 'Unknown Ontario County/District' which is to be used *only if you do not know where in Ontario* you are searching. Use the County/District query boards for place specific queries, or the CanadaGenWeb query board if you do not know where in Canada.

Pick one main surname for which to base the query upon.

Cover the basic information and end it there -- Who are you looking for? When were they living (birth & death years)? Where did they live? What do you want to know about them?

Know what area you're researching -- meaning the County or District of Ontario. If you're unsure what County or District a town, village, or city is in, visit the Ontario Locator

Avoid short forms such as b, m, d. Not everyone knows what these short forms mean, and short forms used in North America may not be the same as those used overseas. Even avoid short forms when you think it's an internationally recognized one. For example, CA can be interpreted as Canada, or California (USA).

Avoid number dates like 09/01/88 as they can be interpreted several ways -> Sep 1 1888, 9 Jan 1888, Sep 1 1988, etc. Spell out the month and year so there's no confusion.

Never write a query in a rush. Take your time. Go over it a few times to ensure what you're looking for is clear.

Keep queries to no more than 500 words, or 10 lines. The longer your query, the less likely people are to read it.

A query is NOT:
A descendancy or pedigree chart. A query is an inquiry, or a question.
"Researching these surnames in this county/district" -- Please remit surname listings to the 'Surnames Of Ontario' page

Need more help writing a query? Read What Is The Question?