Frequently Asked Questions

OntarioGenWeb was created in February 1997 as part of the CanadaGenWeb Project which is supported and staffed entirely by volunteers.

OntarioGenWeb specializes in the how and where - how to research Ontario and where to find research resources. This Project is a NOT a research service. OntarioGenWeb volunteers are here to provide information on the web to help you help yourself trace your family tree.

Is it about...
- a specific person or place?  Post a query
- a general Ontario research question? Ask here or here
- a general Canadian (not specific to Ontario) research question? Ask here

We cannot do research, but we're happy to give suggestions and pointers.  Most of our tips are posted throughout OntarioGenWeb so please take a moment to read what we've worked hard to make available.

This website, OntarioGenWeb, is a provincial website - it has only information that pertains to the province of Ontario. For national resources, or those specific to another province or territory, visit the GenWeb that covers that area.

If you have a place name but aren't sure where in Ontario it is, please use the Ontario Locator

Links are available on our query page

Please allow at least a week before assuming you won't get a reply. We volunteer during our free time, not 24/7. 

If you don't hear back immediately, please be patient. Don't send another message - it just adds to the pile and won't prompt a reply any faster.  If you still haven't received a reply after three weeks, you are welcome to try again. Make sure that you include a return address and that is it spelled correctly.

Go to the page or project where you wish to submit information. Each page or project that accepts submissions will have instructions available.

First check your local library or Family History Centre and see if they have what you’re seeking or if you can request what you need through inter-library loan.

If your local facility doesn’t have what you need or the lookup you want is something that isn’t found in a library, you can see if a lookup offer is available at RAOGK, or request a lookup on the RAOGK Canada Facebook page.

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