Ontario's (former) Districts

London District (1800-1849)

Located in South-Western Ontario, London District was established in 1800. It was comprised of Middlesex County, which at that time included not only the area that is now Middlesex County, but Elgin County as well. 

The district town was London which was laid out in 1826, prior to that Vittoria was the district town.  The oldest town in the district was St Thomas.

The townships of Yarmouth, London, Westminster, Southwold and Malahide had the most settlers.  The townships of Yarmouth, London, Delaware, Malahide, Caradoc, Adelaide, Dunwich, Aldborough, and Lobo were settled primarily by Pennsylvanian Dutch and other Americans.  The population by 1842 was 31,350.

London District

Newcastle District (1802-1849)

Located in South-Central Ontario, Newcastle District was established in 1802, and consisted of the area that is now the current counties of part of Durham, Haliburton, part of Muskoka, part of Nipissing, Northumberland, part of Parry Sound, Peterborough, and Victoria. By 1826 it only consisted of the current counties of part of Durham, Northumberland and part of Victoria.

The southern townships of this district were well settled primarily by well off emigrants from Great Britain and Ireland. By 1842 the population of the district was 32,033.

Newcastle District

Niagara District (1800-1849)

Located in South-Western Ontario, Niagara District was established in 1800 from Home District. It was comprised of the counties of Haldimand, Lincoln and Welland, with the exception of the townships of Oneida, Rainham, Seneca and Walpole.

The area was first settled by United Empire Loyalists and British army veterans in the 1780's. By the 1840's a significant portion of the district was inhabited by native Canadians, Pennsylvanian Dutch, and other Americans. The population was 31,549 by 1841.

Niagara District

Ottawa District (1816-1849)

Located in Eastern Ontario, Ottawa District was established in 1816 from Eastern District. It was comprised of the counties of Prescott and Russell

Early settlers included French and English Canadians, Scottish, Irish, British and Americans.  The population in 1842 was 7,944.

Bathurst District